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  1. Program
    There is a general misperception that we need to visit an audiologist when there is a need to determine hearing aid and/or cochlear implant status. While correct, this is only a part of a larger story. To determine if hearing aids are right for you, and which features are beneficial, your audiologist needs a good understanding of the situations you find challenging and the type, degree, and causes of your hearing loss. This evaluation entails a “getting to know you” interview and a variety of tests. You should receive expert advice on hearing technologies to supplement hearing aids, communication strategies, hearing aid fine tuning, and a referral to another specialist if testing indicates a medical issue. Alicia D.D. Spoor, Au.D., will discuss best audiological practice and will answer your questions. Program will be held at 2pm at the Tenleytown Library
    May 6, 2018
  1. Program
    HLAA-DC Executive Board panel discussion; an exchange of experience on hearing technologies and strategies that work (and some that don’t)
    June 3, 2018
Previous Programs
Outreach Activities
  • Hearing Assistive Technology
  • HLAA Advocacy Activities
  • Hearing Service Dogs – what they do; how and where to get them
  • Surviving and Thriving in the Workplace with Hearing Loss
  • Program of Music Featuring a Renowned Classical Guitarist with Hearing Loss
  • Sharing, Demonstrating & Learning about Assistive Listening & Alerting Devices
  • Strategies for Communicating Successfully with Hearing Loss
  • Emerging Technologies, Apps and Websites for Hearing Loss
  • Tour of the National Gallery of Art (with Assistive Listening Devices)
  • Hearing Needs Assessment
  • Sponsorship of an Open-captioned Movie and Social Get Together
  • Research & other activities of the National Institute on  Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)
  • Use of captioned phones & accessing help in emergencies
  • Description of programs sponsored by DC Government’s Offices of Disability & Human Rights
  • Tinnitus, & what to do about it
  • Self-advocacy in medical settings
  • Communication problems & strategies (Co-sponsored with HLAA-Montgomery County chapter)
  • DC Commission on Persons with Disabilities
  • Next Generation 911 (NG911)
  • LG Advisory Board

  • Informational Programs on Hearing Loss provided for the Georgetown Senior Center, several local “villages” (neighborhood organizations that provide services enabling people to age in place), the National Active & Retired Employees Association (NARFE),  the DC Assistive Technology Advisory Council, varies community groups in Prince Georges County (Maryland) and at the 2016 HLAA convention
  • A training program on caring for residents with hearing loss at a senior living and assistive care facility
  • Secondary Transition Forum: A fair that provides an opportunity for DC transition-aged youth with disabilities to get helpful information about community-based support services. 
  • Healthy Aging Forum
  • ​NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo
  • Hearing information & support programs at Senior Wellness Centers & DC’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Senior Center

Our programs are held at the Tenleytown Library located at 4450 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016.

Please check back here often to see new events as they are posted.